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When I visited The Courtyards I was amazed by how close it was to the University of Florida campus. Having lived in the dorms on campus, it was just about the same walking distance, if not less, to where most of my classes were. As opposed to the parking on campus which is always packed, The Courtyards has a huge parking lot that always has available parking. It saves tons of time instead of driving around and looking for parking before class or waiting at bus stops, which most times are full.

If you are one of the many students who applied too late for a dorm or other on campus housing, The Courtyards is a wonderful alternative. Not only is it super close to campus, but you don’t have to share a bathroom with your entire floor. Best of all, you won’t get kicked out during winter break!

While no community can compete with the awesome amenities that the university offers students, The Courtyards’ pool is something all the residents will love. It’s not as crowded as the pools on campus, and it’s literally just a few steps from your front door. Also, every door in the community opens to the courtyard where residents go to tan, hang out, and be social in places other than Facebook! ;)

If you’ve lived in Gainesville apartments before you know how slow the Internet can be. Downloading music takes hours, and watching lectures takes days. The Courtyards prides itself in their super speedy Internet. I also love the fact that they provide free HBO so I don’t miss my favorite shows True Blood and Entourage!

Living at The Courtyards is the best of both worlds: it gives you all the perks of living off campus, while still being super convenient to UF. With all-inclusive packages, all you have to do is bring your books and they’ll take care of the rest!