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The Estates | Gainesville Apartment Review

Reviewed on April 11, 2012

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The Estates apartments are well known for the events they plan for residents and for some of the best pool parties in Gainesville! These apartments offer tons of amenities and a great location for students. The Estates are only a short bus ride or car drive from University of Florida’s campus and some students even choose to ride their bikes to school… It’s that close! The Estates apartments are conveniently located walking distance to many restaurants and even a grocery store, making a car optional when choosing these apartments as your new home!

Key Amenities at the Estates

The top five amenities to look forward to when moving in to your newly rented apartment at the Estates include fiber optic Internet and satellite television with eight HBO channels, updated amenities plus three resort style pools with spas, individual leases including amenities, a pet friendly environment, and a great location for students who attend the University of Florida. Residents at the Estates really enjoy the resort style pools. Aside from being used for great pool parties, the pools at this apartment are a great place to relax with friends, soak in the Florida sun, or even study!

Resident Life at the Estates

The Estates apartments hosts at least two or three resident events every month. Some of the residents’ favorite events include breakfast at the bus stop and FAC. FAC stands for Friday’s After Class, where the apartment hosts a live band and provides food at one of their amazing pools! This month the apartment complex will start a new event – a pet play date for residents with animals to socialize and have fun with other pet owners from the Estates.

Navigating Gainesville from the Estates

The Estates is located in West Gainesville on Southwest 20th Avenue. Residents are primarily students and these apartments are located only seven minutes from the University of Florida. Common modes of transportation for renters include Gainesville’s RTS bus system, or personal cars, scooters, or even bicycles! These apartments are only about a mile from campus. Additionally, the Estates also has a bus route to Santa Fe College.

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