Swamp Rentals FAQs

What are the best parts about renting at The Canopy Apartments in Gainesville?

Hmm… This is a two part answer. First, their apartment amenities are awesome. What other apartment has a virtual golf simulator in their club house? Second, their apartment staff is phenomenal as well. True story… a few weeks back, a future Santa Fe College student from Jacksonville / St. Augustine learned about Swamp Rentals and all of the Gainesville apartments that she could search through online. She and her family spent some time searching apartments on the Web site and decided on a few apartments to visit. They came for a visit a few days ago, and one of the apartments that they toured was The Canopy on SW 20th Ave. Brandon Buckley, the apartment leasing manager at The Canopy, gave them their tour… and from what the family tells us, they fell in love with the apartments… and with him! The student’s mom specifically told Swamp Rentals that “with Brandon there, you know my daughter will be living in a great environment.” Props to Brandon, Bonnie, and the whole team at The Canopy Gainesville. (4/10/10)