Swamp Rentals FAQs

How important is it for me to find the right roommate?

Finding the right roommate is one of the most important parts of finding the right apartment in Gainesville Florida. If you rent by the bedroom, then most Gainesville apartments will provide roommate matching free of charge. Be honest with the renter survey… if your apartment tends to be messy, say so. If your idea of student living is staying up all night, put that in the apartment complex’s survey as well. If you rent an entire unit (sign a joint lease), then it’s up to you to find the right roommate. Swamp Rentals suggests that you learn about your perspective roommate on Facebook or other social networking sites. Remember, when you sign a lease with them, you are promising that you will pay that person’s rent if they leave the apartment before the lease is up. Learn more about finding the right roommate for your apartment. (3/27/10)