Swamp Rentals FAQs

I noticed that you have a "green efforts" section on your apartment finder page. Is that a big deal in Gainesville?

Gainesville, Florida, is considered by many to be a green community. With apartments like The Bartram, we are on the cutting edge of living green. The Bartram, Gainesville’s only LEED certified apartment, was built with an environmentally friendly eye. Many of our other apartment communities have recycling programs that include paper recycling, glass recycling, and plastic recycling. Still, other rental communities have installed compact fluorescent light bulbs or other energy saving measures to help make sure that renters can save money and save the environment. If living green is important to you, think about finding an apartment that lives up to your values. The vast majority of the apartments on Swamp Rentals in Gainesville have implemented some sort of green efforts. You can use our filter page to search for green apartments in Gainesville FL. (3/25/10)