Swamp Rentals FAQs

What is "rent by the bedroom," and how is it different from "rent by the apartment"?

Deciding whether to rent by the bedroom or rent by the apartment is a pretty simple question. Renting by the bedroom means that you are responsible for your own bedroom and part of the common area. Your lease and your rent will only cover that one bedroom. Renting an entire apartment, you will be responsible for all of your roommates. If a roommate doesn’t pay his or her part of the rent, then you are still responsible for paying the entire rent amount. In this case, from the apartment’s perspective, they will get their rent regardless of what roommate pays it. The plus side to renting by an apartment is that it is generally cheaper than renting just the bedroom. Learn more about renting by the bedroom or leasing an entire apartment in the Swamp Rentals resource guide. (3/24/10)