Swamp Rentals FAQs

I’m looking for a safe apartment to live in while I’m in Gainesville, FL. I don’t notice individual apartments advertising that they are a “safe place to live.” Why is that?

That’s a great apartment hunting question. Everyone wants to live in a safe apartment & feel secure in their rental home. The problem is that apartments can’t advertise themselves as being “safe” for fear of a lawsuit in the unlikely event that something would happen to someone renting one of their apartments. You’ll notice that you won’t find a “security officer” at an apartment in Gainesville, Fl. Instead, they are called “courtesy officers.” Swamp Rentals isn’t going to go out on a legal limb and tell you that they are the same thing – we don’t want the liability either. But we do think that it says something positive about an apartment when they hire courtesy officers to be a presence at the apartment during off hours.