Swamp Rentals FAQs

I’m looking for an apartment in Gainesville, FL. What is the optimal number of apartments that I should tour?

First off… welcome to Gainesville! Second, thanks for using Swamp Rentals to find your apartment. To answer your question, there isn’t an exact answer. We’ve seen people only tour one apartment, fall in love with it, and sign a lease within 30 minutes. We’ve also seen people search all over Gainesville, touring 10+ properties. The answer is that it’s really up to you. We suggest that you narrow down your search with our apartment search page. Balance the amenities you want with the price and deals / specials you’ll need in order to afford the rent. Narrow your search down to a handful of apartments. Search through our listings. Take note of the apartment’s photos, specials, and amenities that you didn’t think to search for. If you can’t find a top choice in the search field, then go tour your top three or four. If you have more than four apartments on your list, you should probably filter your results a little more. But at the end of the day, you’re searching for an apartment to live in for the next 12 months, so take your time and make sure that you’re confident you found the right place to rent when you sign your lease. (3/28/10)