Swamp Rentals FAQs

Just because an apartment in Gainesville says it’s “pet friendly,” how can you tell if they actually welcome cats and dogs into their rental community instead of just “allowing animals”?

That’s a great question. First, you should start by finding pet friendly apartments that are indeed dog friendly and cat friendly. It all starts with their pet policy. You can find these apartments using the Swamp Rentals apartment search. Then, look for an apartment in Gainesville that has a “dog walk.” You can find this at the bottom of the apartment amenities list on our apartment search page. It’s listed under “luxury.” This should help narrow your apartment search down enough for you to tour a handful of rental properties. When you visit the apartment, make sure to ask the leasing staff about their pet policy. Then… ask that apartment staff member if he or she has a pet themselves. Watch their expression and listen to the exact words they use. If it’s “oh, this apartment is dog friendly,” or “this apartment is cat friendly,” and the leasing staff member isn’t really lighting up, then maybe you haven’t found your apartment. On the other hand, if the apartment staff member lights up and says, “oh… we love dogs,” or “we love cats,” then maybe you found your next apartment. When the apartment staff member asks you “what kind of dog do you have?” or “what’s your cat’s name?” then you really know you’ve found your next apartment home. (4/3/10)