Gainesville Apartments: 5 Things to Consider

When trying to find the right apartment you have to consider what is most important to you. Is it location, amenities, value, space? Once your priorities are in order, your search for the perfect Gainesville apartment will feel like a breeze.

Gainesville apartment Standard kitchen
  1. Luxury. If what you want is a spacious, relatively new, all-inclusive apartment, then one of the bigger apartment complexes might be the best fit. These apartments come with features suited for resort-style living: spas, large swimming pools, tanning beds, door-to-school bus routes.

  2. Location. If luxury isn't at the top of your list of must-have features, then you might try an independently owned apartment. Such apartments, mostly located downtown and midtown, come in the form of Victorian houses, duplexes, or 1-2 building complexes. Since they are usually restored to be apartments, the built date tends to be on the older range, and rent ranges from low-priced duplexes to higher-priced walk-to-UF lofts.

  3. Autonomy. Finally, if your only priority is to have peace and quiet, opt for one of the grad school, professional-living apartments. They range in value from the simple, budget-friendly communities on 34th Street to the luxurious, yet moderately-priced complexes on the outskirts of Gainesville.

  4. Trade-offs. In the end, finding the right apartment is all about trade-offs. More amenities will generally raise your price. Renting by the bedroom (so you’re not responsible for paying your roommate’s rent if he skips town) is generally more than renting by the apartment. Lower rents tend to mean older apartments or homes. Awesome pools can lead to awesome pool parties which could be a really good thing or a really bad thing depending on what you like. Use our real-time search to see what happens if you make tradeoffs. Try lowering and raising your rent price… or add and subtract amenities.

  5. The Key. Keep an open mind in your search.

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