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    Apartments near UF | The University of Florida

    Apartments near UF

    It's great to be a Florida Gator! And it's great living near campus. Apartments near the University of Florida are all conveniently located within a couple miles from UF campus making it easy to walk, bike or use the RTS bus route quickly. Spend more time IN class than commuting TO class by finding an apartment near UF that meets your lifestyle and budget. You may be starting your search for apartments with little to no background knowledge on where to look, how to look, and what to look for. So, here is some information to get you started with the process and some things to remember that may help you find the perfect home!

    Location of UF Apartments

    Apartments near The University of Florida are located close to campus - you'll have many options for student housing due to the proximity of many apartment communities near campus. Common neighborhoods to look for your UF apartment search include the Archer Road, Sorority Row & South, and Midtown neighborhoods. Each of these areas provides UF students a unique off-campus experience to suit any lifestyle. It's always helpful to determine how you'll be commuting to campus when beginning your apartment search. If you own a car, look for apartments with ample parking and understand fees associated with UF parking decals as well as the availability of on-campus parking. You'll also benefit from many apartments on great RTS bus routes allowing you to save on gas and get even closer to your on-campus location. If you're a bike rider or enjoy walking, you may want to consider an apartment that is slightly closer to campus. 

    Roommates for University of Florida Students

    Sharing your apartment with roommates can be a wonderful way to enhance your college experience. As a UF student, you'll have the choice of a variety of floor plans at your preferred apartment community, many of which offer individual leases perfect for students. If you don't already have friends to sign your lease with, many off-campus apartments near UF offer roommate matching services that help set you up with compatible people to share your space with. This way, whether you choose a 2 bedroom apartment near UF or a four bedroom in Gainesville, you'll room with likeminded people. If you are hesitant to room with people you don't know but have few alternate options, you can always search for one bedrooms in Gainesville that give you maximum privacy, with your own private bedroom and private bathroom.

    UF Apartments Features and Amenities

    Many apartments near UF campus offer incredible amenities that enhance and support student life. First and foremost, really get a feel for the floor plan and location of your apartment. If you require quiet study space, search for an apartment in a quieter location or see if you can arrange to lease an apartment on a corner or upper floor, or further away from street noise or common areas. If you love to cook, a fully equipped kitchen will pay off and many apartments will offer a full appliance package including stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, and disposal. You'll also want to inquire if your apartment offers a washer and dryer or hookups for appliances. Many communities offer laundry facilities near to common spaces perfect for studying or socializing in-between loads. Finally, check out common areas and study zones. If your apartment or roommates are a distraction, you can avoid a trip to UF campus by heading to your apartment's computer lab or study rooms.

    Looking for What You Want in Your UF Apartment

    There are many apartments around the University of Florida, all with their own unique features and distinctions, so it can be hard to narrow down what exactly it is that you are looking for. A lot of people seek additional community amenities within in their neighborhood so it's probably easiest to start your search there. Are a gym and pool deal breakers for you? Are you specifically interested in UF graduate student apartments? Is a pet-friendly community a top priority? Answering questions like these can really help narrow your search for apartments. Much of what you look for can also depend on your own personality, hobbies, and interests. A neighborhood with occasional events and gatherings is a solid choice for extroverts and can be a great apartment for freshman Gators.  If you are a big football fan, maybe finding a place that is close to the Ben Hill Griffin stadium on campus would be a smart move. Whatever it may be, find an apartment where you'll feel the most home at.

    UF Apartments that Cooperate with Your Budget

    Before you begin the search for your new home, you may want to first create a budget for how much you're willing to spend on rent, utilities, and other costs. It may be difficult for you to come up with a number that best works for you financially so find resources that can help you estimate the cost of living in Gainesville. Once you have a clear idea of what costs will apply to you, look for places that best cooperate with that budget. Sometimes, you may have to make certain sacrifices for a lower price. For example, living further away from campus in an older neighborhood can be much cheaper so, it's important that you weigh all your alternatives and consider the opportunity costs, before coming to a conclusion. Make sure to leave room in your budget so that you have extra cash to spend on yourself without dumping it all on your rent.

    Preparing for Move-In Day

    You may think that you're done after you finish apartment-hunting but there's one more thing to do before you can finally settle into your new home. Move-in day can be exhausting and rewarding in equal parts. You'll need to transfer heavy objects, unpack, and maybe do a little bit of light cleaning. But, on the fun side, you get to decorate! To make the process a little less painstaking, make sure to have one or two people help you so that you're not doing all the heavy lifting on your own. Also, label your boxes by category so you know can keep everything organized. This means putting all your bedding and pillows in one bin together so that you won't have to go looking for the missing pieces later. Remember to leave enough time to unpack and settle in; try to move-in at least the weekend before classes so you have plenty of time to get situated in your new home.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are apartments near UF more expensive?

    As a rule of thumb, the closer you want to live to UF campus, the higher your apartment budget will need to be. There are many other factors at play, such as the age of the apartment community, floor plan size, amenities offered, and interior apartment features. In general, apartments with comparable amenities and features will cost more if they are within walking distance to UF campus.

    How do students get from apartments near UF to campus?

    You will have a variety of options for traveling to UF campus for classes, including by foot, bike, car, scooter, and bus. Your best option will depend on how close your apartment is to UF campus. Gainesville is a bike-friendly city with bike lanes surrounding campus and most apartment communities feature bike racks where you can store your bike. Traveling to campus by car means you will need to purchase a parking pass, and oftentimes the designated commuter parking lots will require a quick bike ride or walk to your first class. Scooters are a more popular choice for students, since scooter parking can be more convenient and closer to classes. The RTS Bus services most of the apartments near UF and students ride free with their student ID. An app makes it convenient to see when your bus will arrive, making this a convenient options for students who live too far from campus to walk or bike.

    When should I sign my lease for apartments near The University of Florida?

    Apartments near UF can help you reserve your space for an August move-in date up to 12-months in advance. You'll find the best apartment deals and the most availability earlier in the season, as soon as January. If you're really picky or have roommates you want to live with, we recommend signing a lease before March, as the most popular floor plans will start selling out at that time. No matter what, we'd recommend having your apartment reserved by the end of May, as availability gets limited during the summer months. You can use the Check Availability tool on to check whether your favorite floor plan is still available for Fall move-in.

    Where do most students live at UF?

    Gainesville has plenty of options for students apartments nearby the UF campus. The tops areas for students include Midtown, across the street from campus and walking distance to local bars and food. Sorority Row area is popular for UF students in Greek life or in the College of Education. Students also like to live near SW 20th and Archer Road, this is close by to Butler Plaza and Celebration Pointe with loads of entertainment, food, and shopping. 

    Is it cheaper to live off campus at UF apartments?

    Living in a dorm can be cheaper at UF, but it depends which dorm and how many roommates you have. University of Florida dorms are billed on a semesterly rate and range from 2,500 to 4,200. If you choose a dorm with more roommates on the cheaper end, you could be paying $625/month. The average rent in Gainesville for a three bedroom off-campus apartment in 2022 was $746/person. In this case you'd be getting a deal. While it's hard to match the location of the dorms, you are sacrificing lots of personal space, having a kitchen, and having your own bathroom.  

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