Studio Apartments in Gainesville, FL

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Studio Apartments in Gainesville, FL

Studio Apartments

Looking for something different when moving to Gainesville apartments? If you'd like to switch things up from the typical unit layout, studio apartments are a great way to save money and unleash your creativity to create a unique living environment. These apartments are generally smaller than traditional apartments and lack walls that separate the bedroom, closet, living area and kitchen. This type of layout is popular with students and residents who want to downsize, are looking for a cheap apartment in Gainesville, and want to personalize one central space. If you've never lived in a studio apartment before, it is important to understand what's included and make an informed decision.

What to Expect from Gainesville Studio Apartments

One of the first things you will notice about studio apartments is the lack of walls separating traditional living areas, although the bathroom will still be behind closed doors. This can be a drastic change for residents who have never lived in this type of layout. This is why it is a good idea to view photos and even visit Gainesville studio apartments in person before making a decision. It may help you envision spending time inside the unit and evaluate your comfort levels. Benefits of living in studio apartments include energy efficiency, affordability and less clean-up! Keep in mind that washers and dryers are often not included, so you'll have to make other arrangements for doing laundry.

Some residents may wish to share a studio apartment with a roommate, which is often a close friend or significant other. While this can certainly be a successful, positive environment, it is particularly important to have similar schedules, lifestyle preferences and expectations when living in close quarters with another person. Important topics to discuss are cleaning expectations, especially regarding clutter and food, as well as grooming preferences, privacy needs and any other routine tasks and necessities.

Tips for Living in Studio Apartments near Gainesville

Many residents who live in Gainesville studio apartments will tell you that keeping clutter under control is vital to feeling satisfied and comfortable with this layout. With a single room, it is almost impossible to shove things to the side or avoiding organizing your furniture and items. Below are a few origination tips for studio apartments.

  • Storage bins: While storage bins are helpful for organizing any space, it is a great way to minimize clutter in studio apartments. Consider buying more decorative and attractive storage bins rather than plastic boxes, since they are likely to be out in the open!
  • Furnishings: Bookshelves should be sleek and efficient, including several layers of shelves and cabinet spaces to help conceal any items you want to keep private. Although any type of furniture will decrease available space for moving around, it is possible to find more compact and strategic items to furnish your studio apartment, like collapsing or flexible furniture that can be put away when not in use. This article can give you a few ideas for what type of furniture is best for small spaces.
  • Décor: Getting creative and choosing a specific theme for Gainesville studio apartments can help you create a personalized space that is inspiring and uplifting. A single area can be much easier to decorate than apartments with 2 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms. Thrift stores are a good way to pick up fantastic deals on unique décor items, like paintings, mirrors and lighting fixtures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my studio apartment have a bedroom?

Studio apartments are unique because they are designed as one space that shares a kitchen, living room, and bedroom space. Some communities may have a larger studio floor plan that include a half wall, or even full wall, to create a separate space for your bedroom, but this is rare. If you feel like you may need a bit more space, you can check out this list of one-bedroom apartments on SwampRentals.

Do studio apartments include a washer and dryer?

It depends on the size of the studio and the community. A lot of studio apartments do not include a washer or dryer since they are typically smaller than other apartments. If there is a washer and dryer in your studio apartment, it will probably and a smaller stackable set. Most communities will offer an onsite laundry facility if they do are not in your apartment. Use the search filters on SwampRentals to find an apartment with a laundry facility on site.

What appliances are included in a studio apartment?

Some studio apartments may include a full appliance package with a refrigerator, oven with range, dishwasher, and microwave, while others studio apartments may omit dishwashers and microwaves to save space. We encourage you to call the community to ask what appliances are included in their studio apartments before signing your lease.

Do student communities have studio apartments for rent?

There are a handful of student communities in Gainesville that offer studio apartments for rent. This is a great way to live close to campus and get the student experience without sharing your space with others. Keep in mind, studio and one-bedroom apartments are more expensive than 2-, 3-, or 4-bedroom apartments that you share with roommates.

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