Changing to Your New Gainesville Address

Thankfully, changing your address these days is easy. You can do it using the Internet or the mail, or by visiting the U.S. Post Office. Or, use a combo. They recommend that you do it at least two weeks in advance, but not more than three months before you're ready to change addresses to your new Gainesville apartment.

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On the USPS website, you can enter your old address, enter your new address and the date you want to start mail forwarding. If you do it all online, you will need a credit card number, and you can provide an e-mail address for confirmation. It costs $1, same as if you do it by phone.

If you don’t want to pay, you can print out the form and deliver it or mail it to a post office. Or you can do the whole thing at a post office. You’ll receive a confirmation by mail and/or e-mail.

It’s really as easy as that, but there is one major detail you should know. Changing your address with the U.S. Postal Service doesn’t mean that they forward your mail forever. It means your official address is changed, but that they will only forward your mail for a limited period of time. It’s up to you to change your address with the folks who matter – your bank, your magazine subscriptions, your friends and family.

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