5 Tips for An Easy Move-In Day

Once you find the Gainesville apartment that is perfect for you, your next big challenge is moving into your new space. The logistics of moving and the stressful nature of the day can be something that residents dread. No need to worry! Moving can be a breeze if you plan correctly. Try these tips for a smooth moving day and a great start to living in your new apartment

Get Organized

First, create a list of everything that you are taking with you. This will make packing easier and help you narrow down what is essential. It is common for students to clear out their possessions when they move to lighten the load, so use this time to reevaluate what items you actually use when at school. You should also start gathering boxes, labeling them and sorting them by the room in your new apartment that they belong in. It is smart to start by packing the items you use least frequently to most frequently up to your move-in date.move in

Communicate with Roommates

It is very common for students to live with one or more roommates. If you are sharing your new apartment, make sure to communicate about what every person is bringing. While your bedroom is up to you, communal spaces like the living room will be jointly decorated and furnished. If your apartment is unfinished, be sure to talk about crucial items like a kitchen table, TV, or living room couch. You want to make sure that you won’t have a shortage or furniture or duplicates of items. In smaller apartments it is a good idea to discuss kitchen equipment because there may not be room for everyone to bring several small appliances.

Scope Everything Out

Before you move in always take pictures of the state of your residence. This prevents you and your roommates from being billed for damage that was from previous residents. Make note of any repairs that need to be made and inform the property management swiftly. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the floorplan of your apartment. Will the bedroom furniture set you have fit in your new room? Take measurements to be sure. When move-in day comes, you can move everything into the furthest room first and work your way up to the front door.

Get Your Game Face On

On day of your move, you should start early in the day to ensure you have ample time to get settled. Make sure to get enough sleep and fuel up with some food. Moving is strenuous on the body, so you’ll want to be ready for a day of unloading. Don't be afraid to take a break for lunch or to rest in between heavy loads.

Call The Experts

Moving into your college apartment doesn't have to be difficult. Make the transition to Gainesville easy and hire a local moving company. This is ideal for anyone who wants to avoid the stress completely and let trained professional take the lead. If you are hauling lots of heavy furniture or if your closet ways half a ton, you especially may benefit from some help. If you’re an out-of-state Gator or if you have a long drive from your hometown, getting a moving company could be your best option to get you feeling at home in no time!

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