Getting Around Gainesville

Transportation Options In Gainesville

There’s a lot to know about getting around Gainesville, so we’ll try to keep it brief. Overall, there are multiple methods of travel and multiple routes to take. Each option has pros and cons, with the best likely being a combo of two or more.

outside of gainesville apartment


For people who live really close to (or on) UF campus, walking is a great option. While you can survive without a car in Gainesville, you’ll probably want to combine walking with one of the below options. For example, for nighttime walking on campus, try SNAP (Student Nightime Auxillary Patrol). Just call 392-7627 (392-SNAP) to get a ride or a walking escort anywhere on campus.


On the other hand, biking is an even better way to get around. Although there are a handful of cons (getting caught in the rain, carrying a heavy backpack, dodging cars and pedestrians), biking to and from (and around) campus is extremely efficient and convenient.

It doesn’t take long to discover the best roads for bike lanes and without major hills, and you’ll soon be on your way to avoiding traffic delays and the joys of finding a parking spot. And if you register your bike with the UF Police Department, get a good lock, and use lights at night, you’ll find that biking is one of the best (and cheapest) ways to travel in Gainesville for much of the time. Check for abandoned bikes. Biking is a great option for students living in apartments in South Gainesville and Sorority Row.

Scooters and Motorcycles

Of course, sometimes you might want to sit down and let a motor do the work for you. For this, you might get a scooter or motorcycle, which have both really jumped in popularity on campus recently. These are like a cross between the perks of a bike and the perks of a car: They can be easier and closer to park, yet they move faster (and with less effort) than a bike. Like a car, they do require a campus decal, albeit cheaper. However, like a bike, a scooter won’t accommodate a load of groceries or a rainy day, and you’ll want to wear a helmet and stay out of high-speed lanes. But they can be more economical. Start by checking out our list of apartments within scooter distance to UF Campus. You can also check with New Scooters for Less if you have more questions about scooters.


This brings us to riding the bus, a rite of passage for most students. We’ll let you see our article on public transportation for more on that. We do want to add that riding a bike to and from a bus stop is super convenient, as your bike can ride on the bus with you. If you live in apartments near SW 20th Ave. or apartments near Archer Road, the bus may be your best option for getting to campus! 


Getting around by car is probably the most common option. The benefits of having your own car are obvious. Keep in mind that driving to school is rarely convenient; you’ll likely park in the commuter lot and catch a bus or make a hike to class. And, naturally, they sell more parking decals than spots, so peak hours mean that all that time saved might be lost as soon as you get to campus. Just two suggestions… drive the speed limit and don't try to pass any busses. The Gainesville Police Department doesn’t issue warnings.


Finally, Uber offers a promotion for students called "Uber Safe Rides." Activate your user code to receive 50% off a ride anytime between Wednesday and Sunday from 9pm to 3am. However, the discount only applies to boundaries outlined within the map, so be sure to review it before you call for a ride. Learn more about the program.

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