Gainesville Apartment Moving Checklist

OK, so the moving checklist's benefits are obvious—saving you stress. It's to make sure you cover all your bases for your new apartment in Gainesville. It probably won't go perfectly, but here are some key items to consider:

  • Utilities

    Research the right time to set them up (and how) and the types of info you'll need to know to set up and/or transfer your electricity, water, garbage, TV and Internet to your new address. If you already have an account in Gainesville, that helps. See our article on setting up utilities.

  • Address Change

    Figure out your new address and arrange to have your mail forwarded on the appropriate day. See our article on setting up forwarding mail in Gainesville. Also… do you need to update your driver's license or other government documents?

  • Moving Date

    Bedroom Layout

    Arrange a date that is convenient for you, your helpers, your movers and your new apartment. Moving on the first day the apartment opens might be a bad idea, because the complex will likely be slammed. Consider a weekday.

  • Boxes

    Boxes. Start looking asap for boxes from your work, the grocery store, friends. They'll be taken by the time it's packing day. Oh, and try to purge extra stuff and pack up non-necessities as soon as you can. You get the idea.

  • Packing

    If you're moving from your parents' home, leave the High School yearbooks, family heirlooms, and boxes of food at home. You might want to also bring some basic cleaning supplies with you, just to be sure.

  • Plan Your Furniture Layout

    Draw your floor plan to scale if possible, and insert your furniture to see what fits to save arranging when you get there.

  • Print Key Information

    Print out everything you might need from the Internet, like phone numbers and directions, in case your Internet isn't set up yet.

  • Fill Out Your Move-in Inspection Sheet

    The move-in inspection is critical. Don't take it lightly or rush through. It will help you determine that everything is working as soon as you get the key to your apartment. It's sort of a drag when you're excited to move in, but it's really useful when you find out that your window doesn't work or the A.C. isn't cold. Or both.

The Move-in Inspection Sheet is also important when it comes time to collect your security deposit. If you didn't cause the damage, then why should you pay for it? Making a note of any problems and reporting on this form will not only likely get the problem fixed, but it will also make sure that you're not on the hook for fixing it.

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