Where can I find 2 bedroom apartments in Gainesville?

Photo of Cobblestone Apartments
When you just want to live with one other roommate, there are plenty of options for a 2 bedroom apartment. Ranging from $260 to $1000 per bedroom, Gainesville offers a variety of choices. Floor plans also vary in size, from 700 to over 1000 square feet to meet your needs. Instead of worrying about too many roommates or having to clean a large place, 2 bedroom apartments in Gainesville offer just enough space for you and your roommate.

Southwest Gainesville

A few apartments in the Southwest area of Gainesville with 2 bedroom apartments include Casablanca West, Campus Lodge and The Bartram. All inclusive or with separate amenities, these 2 bedroom apartments will be the right fit for you and your roommate. Southwest Gainesville is convenient to shopping and has plenty of bus routes to get you around town.

West Gainesville

Directly west of campus you will find plenty of complexes that offer 2 bedroom units, mostly off of 20th Street. Places such as Lakewood Villas, Canopy and The District offer a variety of 2 bedroom apartments. Closer to the Oaks Mall, these apartments are located on a busy route between campus and many restaurants.

North Gainesville

A short distance from midtown, you will find 2 bedroom apartments surrounding the northern side of UF such as Looking Glass, University House and Cobblestone. These apartments are close enough to campus you could probably walk to class. If you're in a rush to get to school, living in a 2 bedroom apartment can be small enough to pick up your room and still make it out the door with time to spare.

East Gainesville

Closer to the downtown businesses and restaurants of Gainesville, you can be sure to find 2 bedroom apartments in places like Jefferson at 2nd Ave, Sun Key & Harbor and Sun Bay. Also walking distance from campus, East Gainesville's 2 bedroom apartments are comfortable and convenient. Close to a few fraternities and sorority row, these apartments are a fun place to be living in.


  • Remember it's only you and one other person in the 2 bedroom apartment. Consider their cleanliness and how comfortable you will be with them if things get a little dirty.
  • Also consider each other's social habits. If you like to study a lot and stay up late finishing your work and your roommate like to party until the next morning, you might have conflicting schedules to work out.
  • Don't forget about deposits or fees that are required at signing or on move-in day. Since it is a smaller apartment, generally a deposit that is close to half or more of your monthly rent will be due. Be sure to budget well! Check out this website for more helpful hints: Roommate Tips
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