Where can I find 4 bedroom apartments in Gainesville?

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In Gainesville, 4 bedroom apartments are a great option. Typically, they provide a great environment for students to live together and socialize. When choosing your new 4 bedroom, it is important to consider the features of both the unit itself and the community. Our search tool is a great way to enter your preferences on many criteria including unit features, lease style and pet policies.

FAQs about 4 Bedroom Apartments in Gainesville, FL

I was just accepted at UF, and I am looking for apartments that offer roommate matching. Which communities offer this service?

Welcome to the Gator Nation! While searching for a new home can be overwhelming, roommate matching is a great option for new students. Typically, students who use roommate matching decide on 4 bedroom apartments in Gainesville. Head over to the search page to customize your search. Along with selecting roommate matching as an option, you can enter your preferences for over 20 criteria.

I already know that I want to live with my 3 best friends, but we want to live somewhere that is both a great place to socialize and a great place to study. Any suggestions?

It seems like you have already conquered half the battle. Knowing who you want to live with is a big decision. Since there are four of you, a 4 bedroom apartment will be the obvious choice. Gainesville is known for both the academics at UF, but also the party environment. Most everyone living in the area respects this balance, so your search for a 4 bedroom near UF can be made simple by visiting the Gainesville apartments search tool. The resident life sections will provide information about what sort of social and academic activities communities offer their residents.

I'm confused by "rent by room" and "rent by apartment". What does this mean?

Rent by room and rent by apartment mean exactly what you think they do. Rent by room means that you as a renter are responsible for your rent alone, while your roommates are responsible for their own rent respectively. If one roommate misses payments, only he/she is penalized. This type of renting style is common in 4 bedrooms in Gainesville. Rent by apartment style leasing means that all the people living in the apartment are responsible for getting the full rent paid. If the rent is not paid, everyone living there will be penalized.

My roommates and I do not want to purchase furniture for our 4 bedroom apartment next year. Is it easy to find fully furnished 4 bedroom apartments?

Furnishings are an important aspect of apartment hunting. Since you know two key factors when searching in Gainesville, you can easily find which communities offer four bedrooms and furnishings in our search. Finding your fully furnished 4bedroom apartment should be easy because many communities that offer four bedrooms offer optional furnishings as well.

I'm a transfer student and I want to socialize with new people. What kind of apartment is best suited for this?

A community that offers roommate matching for 4 bedrooms would get you the socialization you are looking for right at home. Right away you will get three new friends to help you get used to your new surroundings. Another aspect to consider is whether your apartment holds pool parties. Gainesville pool parties are a great way to meet new people in the area.

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