How can I keep academically productive in my UF apartment this Summer?

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Take a quiet moment to get online and stay productive.

With the Spring semester ending at the University of Central Florida and around the country, many of you might be wondering how to "keep your grades up" even if you're not taking classes. Living at an apartment near UF comes with many benefits, but there are also ways to get out of the house and keep productive. Here are a few options, for those graduating and not, to keep yourself productive, academically, this Summer break.

For People Who Are Graduating

If you are graduating from the University of Florida this semester, congratulations! You did it! Be sure to take time to celebrate yourself at first, and have some time to relax. However, if you are looking to stay ahead of the curve, there are a couple simple ways.

Graduating from a university, you may already have a job, but you can always use the Handshake website to make an account and find some amazing internships or part-time/full-time positions in your field of study. So, in a very big way, you would be continuing your education. With Handshake, you are able to enter your school information, speak to employers and apply to different opportunities that are looking for educated scholars like yourself!

If you are furthering your education in a classroom or online, be sure to find a UF apartment with a patio or balcony available to relax and study on. There are also apartments that are best for UF graduate students.

For People Who Are Not Graduating

If you have more semesters at UF to go, then you have ample time to get prepared for the next term and become academically involved while you enjoy your summer break. Of course, there is the task of planning your next semester. Usually, this primarily includes choosing your next set of classes. However, the UF website also talks about grants and scholarships and how to obtain them as your college career continues. Sometimes there is nothing better than doing research on your computer in a calm, quiet apartment.

The beginning of any semester is a perfect time to start something new. You can check out GatorConnect to find school clubs and organizations to join. This could do more for furthering your education and knowledge than you know. Just like internships and jobs, involvement can go on your résumé and help you further your career as much as the degree you are obtaining.


As you may know, there are many factors that go into attending college, and many benefits that are obtained from it. While you make 4+ years of memories and experiences, there is always room to be productive. It is important to first find a living space that works for you and is conducive to your productivity. You can find the best UF apartments here on SwampRentals. Then, you must decide what tasks are most important to turn your attention to. If you want to prove yourself and be rewarded financially, there are grants and scholarships to be had. There are also internships and jobs available for those obtaining their degree. Finally, there are always ways for the socialite to get out and become involved with their peers and their community. Whether you are graduating this Spring or not, good luck to you!


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