All inclusive Gainesville apartments

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Who? What? Why? Where? All Inclusive Apartments in Gainesville

How to simplify the off campus living experience

All inclusive apartments can provide the perfect fit for students seeking ease and convenience during their stay in off-campus housing. For a flat rate, the rent price covers the cost for washer & dryers, electricity, furnishings etc. This way the hassle of writing multiple checks each month is non-existent. All inclusive features are useful to students who like "one stop shopping".

It is important to note what "all inclusive" means to each apartment community. For some, this may only include utilities and electricity but for others the rent includes furnishing (partial or full), cable, and high speed internet access as well. Also, the flat rate generally only covers utilities up to a certain point, past that there may be overage charges to be split among the tenants. Use's Gainesville Apartments to find out what is included with your respective apartment in Gainesville.

Furnished apartments can either be partially or fully furnished. Partially furnished units may only have common areas filled, leaving the renter to supply furniture for the bedrooms. Fully or partially furnished apartments ease the moving process so students don't have to worry about fees or inconvenience that can come with placing furniture in a unit. Not to mention moving day is simplified if the majority of the furniture is already there.

Bundled apartments are not only great for those in a typical lease but also for those who may have shorter lease lengths. This feature eases the overall move-in process, bypassing the time consuming tasks of setting up furniture or high speed internet.

This style of apartment is common around many Gainesville communities and can be found in neighborhoods from Archer to Downtown Gainesville

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