I’m a young professional moving to Gainesville. Are there any apartments that are intended more for people like me?

Well, that can be a difficult question. It really depends on what you, as a young professional, are looking for in your new home. There are a lot of different options from cheap to upscale, quiet to busy, and multiple different sections of town. Then you have to think about specifics like: individual leases, if it's pet-friendly, parking, bus routes, etc.

Finding your new apartment in Gainesville is easy. Swamprentals.com is a great site for those of you who aren't sure of what you want or even where to start in your search for your apartment. Swamprentals.com offers roughly 300 search criteria in order to help you narrow down your options of apartments in Gainesville so that you don't have to spend endless hours searching for a new apartment. Most of the UF population is centered in the Midtown, Downtown or Sorority Row neighborhoods, also known as the Student Ghetto, since they are all so close to campus. So if you're looking for an area that is less-populated by students you may want to avoid those areas. If you're the type of resident that prefers the plethora of business and the ability to bounce from Publix, Walmart, or out to socialize with friends then you may want to check out the Archer Road area in Southwest Gainesville since your apartment will only minutes away. If you like a more developed and suburb type area then you may want to look into the Tioga, Haile, and Duck Pond areas where it is more family-centered and more residential.

Here's how you get started, go to our homepage on Swamprentals.com and click on where it says "Find your Apartment". Once you click there, take a look at the left-hand side and find where it says "Neighborhood". You will see the list of different areas of Gainesville where you can look for your apartment. Some of them you'll recognize as ones I've previously mentioned. Pick the areas of town you'd like to consider living and then choose the options that you would prefer to have in your apartment in Gainesville or what amenities you would prefer to have in your apartment community. Once you've chosen what you want, Swamprentals.com will populate all of the options for apartments in Gainesville that fit the criteria you have specified. Review the options and then you can chose your apartment from that list or you can further investigate by going out to those communities and take a tour, ask questions, and see what specials they offer. So, to summarize the answer to your question: Yes, there are plenty of apartments for young professionals in Gainesville, you just have to look.


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