I will be attending UF law in the fall, where should I live?

Gainesville apartments surround the university area of the city. In fact, the Levin College of Law at the University of Florida has a variety of communities near campus designed for graduate students and alumni.

Without a doubt, there are many college deemed communities in town. These particular properties normally consist of younger, undergraduate students eager to experience the social life of collegiate bliss. If you are attending the state's law school, chances are you do not want to live near any of these college-centered conundrums.

The rigor of law school nearly requires its students to live in the library.  As a result, many students attending the school, prefers to live close to campus. If you are one who benefits from living within walking distance to the library or class, you may want to consider living in Gainesville apartments just outside of the academic institution. Most of the residents who reside in this part of town are more concentrate on the demands of their schoolwork and are less concerned with pleasing their social needs. This means you can expect the atmosphere to be much more laid and quite than other community areas near campus. Additionally, properties near the law school are also newly built. This means that many upgrades have been made to surrounding units, including the addition of townhomes and one-bedroom lofts.  If this sounds complimentary to your preferences, looking for housing in Northwest Gainesville.

Downtown Gainesville is another neighborhood full of graduate students and business professionals. Known as the "heart" of the city, this neighborhood offers plenty of entertainment for its residents. Although there are plenty of luxury apartments in this part of time, unlike most downtown regions, downtown Gainesville offers a variety of housing types including duplexes for rent.

The downside to living near the graduate housing properties is that they may not be within quick walk to class. Instead, the part of the city is primarily surrounded with residential neighborhoods. If you dislike public transportation or prefer to live just across the street, you may want to consider a different area. Fortunately, UF is one of the nation's largest universities and thus, you and surely count on finding several viable living options.

Archer Road, for example, is one of the well-known student living areas near campus. Many units in this region are catered to its student tenants. The University of Florida is a near five-minute drive from this part of town and rent tends to be quite affordable. However, living in this area may make you susceptible to boisterous neighbors.

If you are looking to live near fellow law students. Northwest Gainesville is one of the most popular neighborhoods for graduate, medical and law students to live in. However, parts of this neighborhood are up to a fifteen-minute drive to campus. Alternatively, you may prefer to live closer to campus taking up residence in units near Archer Road.

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