How do I find a Gainesville apartment near UF Health (Formerly Shands Hospital)?

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Oakbrook Walk
Oakbrook Walk is right across the street from Shands, perfect for students and professionals that need to be close to UF Health!

Swamp Rentals is the best place to find a Gainesville, FL apartment near UF Health (formerly Shands Hospital). This nationally ranked institute has a world-renowned staff that consistently provides the utmost care and quality. Luckily, there are a ton of amazing Gainesville apartments near UF Health that cater specifically to each employee's lifestyles and preferences.

Which areas are near UF Health?

Search for apartments near Shands Hospital using our Gainesville apartment guide search. To find apartments near Shands Hospital, the best bet is to search near Archer Road, Northwest Gainesville and Sorority Row under the neighborhood tab. If proximity is your priority, the Sorority Row area right next to campus is your best bet. If you're avoiding staying in the center of student living, Archer Road and Northwest Gainesville are ideal because these areas are further from Shands.

Archer Road

This bustling area is located near numerous dining and shopping districts including Butler Plaza, the largest retail center in North Central Florida. Living here is very convenient because almost everything you can possibly need is located within such a small radius. Many apartment communities on Archer Road offer luxury amenities like resort-styled pools, 24-hour fitness facilities and business centers. For example, located just a half a mile from UF Health, The Bartram is a high-end apartment complex featuring vaulted ceilings, an outdoor gourmet kitchen and fire pits as well as a gated dog park. There are more affordable apartments near UF Health as well, such as Silver Creek, which has utilities included as part of your rent. RTS buses circulate throughout Archer Road apartment communities, so it is possible to make the 5-15-minute commute to UF Health without owning a motorized vehicle. However, many apartments on Archer Road, including those listed above, come with guaranteed parking spaces for residents.

Northwest Gainesville

This is a great option if you prefer a quieter setting with more wildlife and less traffic. Popular among UF faculty and staff, Northwest Gainesville is more reminiscent of a suburb than a college town. The area boasts an assortment of pet and family friendly rental communities. Upscale apartments such as Lake Crossing are surrounded by lush nature views, while Huntington Lakes sits beside two swimming pools and three outdoor sports courts. People who live in this area would need to commute to UF Health using I-75. Although there are bus stops in Northwest Gainesville, it is far more convenient to own a car when making the commute. Luckily, many apartments in Northwest Gainesville near UF Health, including those listed above, have covered parking along with on-site car washing centers.

Southeast Campus and Sorority Row

Practically across the street from UF health, this area is far more student-oriented. Although underdeveloped compared to Archer Road and Northwest Gainesville, apartments in the southeast corner of campus are very close to hotspots like Midtown and Downtown. If you desire an apartment in this area with exquisite taste, check out Wildflower Luxury Apartment Homes. Located just 300 feet from campus, Wildflower boasts incredible amenities ranging from hot tubs to a movie theater, all within walking distance of UF Health. If you have a slightly lower budget, apartments like Oakbrook Walk will suit your expensive tastes without breaking the bank. Just across the street from UF, this community features walk-in closets, inclusive utilities, and exclusive pool parties at any of its three courtyard pools.

We hope this information has been useful; you can use the Swamp Rentals neighborhood guide if you want to learn about the many different areas in Gainesville, FL apartment neighborhoods near UF Health and the University of Florida. Good luck with the rest of your apartment search!

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