What are some tips for decorating and arranging my bedroom in Gainesville apartments?

For many residents, the bedroom is a top priority when looking at all the layout options for apartments in Gainesville. Unless you plan to share the room with someone else, the bedroom is a place you can make all your own with furniture, décor and other items suited just for you. When living with roommates, the setup of your bedroom can be particularly meaningful as the most private space in a mostly communal area. Having a plan for your bedroom before moving in can help you avoid rearranging everything later on. Keep reading for some tips on how to organize and decorate your bedroom in Gainesville apartments.

What should I consider when furnishing my bedroom in Gainesville apartments?

The first step to organizing your bedroom is determining whether you want a furnished apartment or if you want to bring all your own furniture instead. Some furnished Gainesville apartments include basic furniture items, like a bed, night stand or desk, inside the bedroom, which is a great way to save money when rental living. However, if you have specific preferences for furniture and bed types, this may not be the best choice for you.

Bed size and type is a good place to start before acquiring other furniture. Larger beds will take up more space and limit your options if you have a smaller bedroom or space, like studio apartments. To maximize your space, consider a different bed size or choose a Gainesville apartment that has larger rooms. Light sleepers should choose a bed location further away from windows or plan to have light-blocking curtains – Florida sunshine can be very intense in the morning!

A common mistake when furnishing a bedroom is choosing the wrong size dresser. You may quickly find your dresser overflowing with clothes if the drawers are not wide or tall enough. On the other hand, an oversized dresser can take up too much unnecessary space. Take some time to assess your clothing and storage needs before deciding on a dresser.

What are some tips for bedroom décor in Gainesville apartments?

Choosing a theme for your bedroom can be a good way to focus and match your décor in Gainesville apartments. It may be fun to choose a theme that also fits with the rest of your apartment. Additionally, some Gainesville apartments allow residents to paint rooms, but keep in mind that you will have to re-paint and/or pay fees when moving out. This may also apply to bigger holes in the walls from hanging up bigger wall décor items.

Residents with a busy work or school schedule can use bedroom décor to their advantage. For example, a corkboard or whiteboard can be a great place for important reminders, like assignments, exams, meetings and other tasks. Place the board strategically in your bedroom so that it hangs in a place you always look when entering. If you're having a hard time focusing on studying or getting other work done, a well-arranged, clutter free bedroom with a nice desk and chair setup can boost your productivity. This WikiHow article has some useful tips for creating your own study space. In addition, there are several quiet apartments in Gainesville that can help with staying focused.

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