How can I find the “best apartment in Gainesville”?

“Best” is a relative term. What do you want your apartment to be? The cheapest apartment in Gainesville? The most expensive Gainesville apartment? Would you rather find a quiet Gainesville apartment that caters to adults and families? Or are you looking for a party apartment? Gainesville, Florida, has all of these. So it’s tough to answer your question without much more input.

Here’s Swamp Rentals’ advice… take a look at our list of Gainesville apartments, and start filtering based on the rent price that meets your budget. Then click on the Gainesville neighborhood or neighborhoods that you’re interested in living in. And start filtering… do you want an “all inclusive” or “rent by the bedroom” style of apartments that is typical for student apartments? Or are you looking for “rent by the apartment” which is typical for families or students looking for a lower rent, budget option?

Once you’ve made those quick & easy decisions, you should be well on your way to finding the “best Gainesville apartment” to suit your needs.

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