What are the best cheap apartments in Gainesville, Florida?

First off… let’s not use the word “cheap,” let’s call them budget apartments in Gainesville, Florida! You should call them “budget” instead of “cheap” because – face it – you’re on a budget! You’re in luck… Gainesville, Florida, has lots of great deals on apartments. The market is overbuilt, so there are more apartments than renters. That doesn’t mean that apartments will let you live there for free, but it does mean that you can get great deals. Check out our Gainesville apartments search page. Grab the “price your rent” slider bar, and slide it to the left until the rent matches your budget. Swamp Rentals currently has over 60 apartments in Gainesville listed, so there’s a great chance that we’ll have a “cheap” or “budget” apartment in Gainesville ready for you to move into!

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