I signed a lease with some friends at a Gainesville apartment, but I’m not getting along with them anymore. Is there a way I can get out of my lease?

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Unfortunately since a lease is a binding legal contract you cannot just get out of your lease. There are a few alternative options you can consider in this situation. Speak with the Property Manager or Leasing Manager in the office and ask if there is another unit you can transfer to. Remember that not only will there have to be availability, but you will also have to roommate match with the current residents. Also be aware that you will most likely be assessed a transfer fee. The second option would be to sublease or sublet your room. You can find someone or you can have the management take care of finding someone. From here you can have the new person take over the lease completely, or you can have them send you a check and you pay the office. The disadvantage of you paying the rent is that if the new tenant decides to stop paying rent, you will be stuck with the bill. The disadvantage of signing the lease over is that there will usually be a sublease fee.

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