My Gainesville apartment is really dark. How can I improve the lighting?

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Nothing makes you feel more productive and alert than living in a space flooded with natural light. You feel less like you are trapped inside and away from the outdoors when you can see the sun shining on your skin from the windows or blinds. When looking for a new apartment in Gainesville, you might not have the choice of picking a room that gets a lot of natural light. Typically, you get assigned a room, and you must adjust to the amount of light you are given.

This doesn't mean you have to settle for a dark dungeon of a room at Gainesville apartments either. There are plenty of ways to maximize the light that comes through and add new sources of light. Doing this will ensure it feels less gloomy and more like a livable, exciting space.

Invest in Artificial Light Sources for Apartments in Gainesville

When it comes to artificial lighting, the possibilities are endless! You can get standing lamps, string lights that go on the wall, or projector lights that will illuminate the whole room. Whatever you think will complement your Gainesville apartment will be the best choice.

When you plug lights into the wall, it tends to use up a decent amount of electricity. If you live in an apartment with utilities included, you won't have to worry about managing a fluctuating utility bill every month. If you have to pay for utilities through the City of Gainesville, you have to be careful how much electricity you use when plugging in a lot of lights and appliances. The best way to reduce utility costs is to unplug and shut off lights when they aren't actively being used.

Pick a Room Facing the Pool in Gainesville Apartments

Whenever you see an apartment pool, it is always bright, full of people, and typically gets a lot of sunlight. If you pick an apartment with a swimming pool that is closer to the pool itself, you are more likely to get some of that sunshine in your own space too!

Another way to get more sun is to consider an apartment with a patio or balcony. This way, even if the sun doesn't come into your room or common areas directly you can still enjoy the sun by going outside on your own private outside space.

Either way, getting direct sunlight in Gainesville apartments is the best way to brighten up your space in a way that doesn't cost extra money or commitment to put lights up inside your space!

Purchase Reflective Décor

Let's say you want to completely avoid a hefty utility bill or don't have a direct stream of natural light coming through windows and sliding glass doors. In this scenario, your best alternative is getting reflective and shimmery décor for your apartment in Gainesville.

Some common reflective décor options may include mirrors for the walls and to lean up against walls, window covers that mimic stained glass, other real or faux glass objects, and a mini disco ball that can turn your space into an exciting, fun entertainment space!

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