I'm looking for a bucket list of must-do or see things around my apartment in Gainesville. Can you help me with a list?

Absolutely! If you are looking for a list of must-do things around your new Gainesville apartment with your roommate, family, or friends, whether you moved to Gainesville to attend college or moved here for a job. We compiled a bucket list of the top things to do or see around Gainesville in Alachua County. These are in no particular order, and we feel they provide a little glimpse of our area that will be fun for all ages and interests.


The Swamp, otherwise known as Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, of course, is a popular destination every fall for thousands of Florida Gator fans as they cheer on the football team. If football is not your thing, the Swamp is also a popular destination for the stadium steps. No matter your level of fitness experience, it provides an excellent outing for walking or a more advanced workout if you choose to run, do lunges, etc.


Paynes Prairie is a national landmark, and a popular destination as visitors try to catch a glimpse of wild-roaming bison, horses or the many alligators, deer and other wildlife. There are many locations to view the prairie, such as the La Chua Trail or right along 441, a popular spot to view the sunset or star gazing.


If you've driven around Gainesville, we are sure you have gone past the 34th Street wall mural. Many love to leave their own artistic mark on the wall. If you aren't creative, maybe just a visit to view others' artwork and experience the creativity around your apartment in Gainesville. A section of the wall is off-limits as it is a memorial to five victims that were tragically lost in 1990.


Gainesville is known for its unique restaurants like Satchel's Pizza, where you can eat in a VW van or explore the fun gift shop. The Swamp Restaurant an iconic Gainesville landmark that was rebuilt in a new location but still includes all the fun of the past. The Top in downtown Gainesville is a popular spot or Celebration Pointe is a new favorite where you can find Spurriers Gridiron Grille or The Keys Grill & Piano Bar.


A lot of Alachua and the surrounding counties are big in agriculture. Many working farms open up throughout the year for people to visit to pick their own fruit and vegetables or just enjoy a lot of farm fun. Crossroads Farm & Apiary (formerly Roger's Farm) and Amber Brooke Farms (formerly Red, White, and Blues Farm) are popular options near Gainesville apartments.


Depot Park is a popular spot for kids, college students and the whole community. For kids, there is a great playground and splash pad. Others enjoy picnics, strolling throughout the park, attending the many community events or visiting the Cade Museum. There is always something to do here, and many people enjoy the park throughout the year.


Most know Gainesville as the home of the University of Florida, but there is a lot of natural north Florida surrounding the area, including some of the state's most popular springs. Head north to High Springs to visit the springs like Ginnie Springs or Gilchrist Blue Springs. Afterward stop for a bit to eat and hear some live music at the Great Outdoors Restaurant.


The Hippodrome Theatre has called Gainesville home for the last fifty years and offers plays, cinema, and an art gallery for viewing throughout the year. It is located in the historic Federal Building in downtown Gainesville. Enjoy dinner downtown and then attend a show. It's a must for everyone!

We hope you enjoy and we would love to hear your favorites!

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