I need a cheap place to live since I’m living on limited income. How do I start my search?

First off, don't worry. This is Gainesville, a town full of college students living on limited income! Being on your own for the first time and trying to enjoy yourself, study hard, and still manage to pay all your bills can be extremely overwhelming. The last thing you want to have to worry about is missing out on an experience because you couldn't afford it or missing a bill payment because of lack of funds and now your credit is ruined. Get a comprehensive idea of how to budget for life in Gainesville with our UF cost of living guide

First you need to figure out what you consider an affordable apartment. For some people affordable might be apartments under $600 a month and for others affordable could mean $900 a month. Also, take a look at the area and what people are paying. Each city will have a different range in regards to the rent price and you can adjust your definition of affordable based on that also. Gainesville offers tons of apartments that are affordable yet still have everything you need. From proximity to campus, washer and dryers, pet-friendly options, and finally all-inclusive options, there are plenty of different complexes from which to choose for your next home. To view the options, go to the easy apartment guide at SwampRentals' search page where you can customize your apartment search by whatever criteria you choose: number of bedrooms, amenities, lease length, and rent price. Once you get there go down on the left where it says Rent per Month. If you click on that you can specify whether or not you are looking for price by the room or the apartment and also what range of rent per month you'd want to pay. Once you choose those specifications SwampRentals will populate all of the options of the complexes that have what you have requested. So all you have left to do is take a look at the options: where they are, what they offer, and how much they cost and choose the one that is the best fit for you. Once you do that, call them up and take a tour and get started on your new life here in the Swamp. Good luck!
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