I was recently accepted to attend Santa Fe College, should my Gainesville apartment be close to campus?

Congrats on your acceptance to Santa Fe College! There are so many awesome areas to rent an apartment in Gainesville; it would be hard to go wrong. Where you decide to live should depend greatly on your lifestyle and needs, along with what you are looking for in a home. If you're unfamiliar with the Gainesville area, you may want to do some research to determine which neighborhoods you may be most interested in. Each neighborhood is unique and brings something different to the table. You can find the right neighborhood for you by evaluating your needs. For instance, if you're looking for a Gainesville apartment close to Santa Fe's campus then Northwest Gainesville may be the best neighborhood for you.

Pros of Living Close to Campus

There are some obvious benefits to living near the main Santa Fe College campus. Most importantly, you won't have to trudge through the sometimes exhausting traffic that occurs throughout the school year in Gainesville. The large influx of students from the University of Florida can add a lot of stress to the road system, and the further your Gainesville apartment is away from Main Street the less likely you are to get caught in it. Similarly, game days can make it almost impossible to drive through town, so in order to make it to class on time it may be better for Santa Fe students to stick closer to campus. There are several Gainesville apartments close to Santa Fe College, and you can easily narrow down the search by including your price range and the amenities you'd like your new home to have. Think of things that will make a difference in your daily life such as pet-friendly apartments, bus routes near you and utilities included in your rent.

Pros to Living Away From Campus

If after researching apartments near campus you decide you would rather live elsewhere, there are other interesting areas of town to choose from. While I attended Santa Fe College for my Associate's Degree, I chose to live Downtown. It allowed me to easily get around on foot to further explore the area. Another convenient part of town worth considering is West Gainesville near Oaks Mall. If you plan on getting a job while in school, the mall is a great place to find work. Also, it gives you close access to the freeway and a route to campus that doesn't take you through Downtown. There are a lot of apartments to sort through, and it can be tough finding one that will suit your requirements. To help find the best Gainesville apartment for you, narrow down your search results by neighborhood, such as Downtown, Midtown and Northwest Gainesville.

Overall, the proximity of your new home to the Santa Fe College campus should be determined based on what would best suit your individual lifestyle. There are a plethora of Gainesville apartments, so take advantage of this and select one that will make you feel the most at home. 

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