What are the best coffee shops in Gainesville?

If you love coffee and live in a Gainesville apartment, you might be interested in knowing which coffee shops are nearby and whether they're good. Well, I'm here to let you know which coffee shops are worth checking out, no matter if you're looking for a place to study or simply want to satisfy that caffeine craving. Here are my top pics for coffee joints in Gainesville.

Opus Coffee

The first spot on our list is Opus Coffee. They have both an airstream and several storefront locations so whether you want to sit down or grab it and go, this place is a great option for any coffee drinker. My go-to drink is the Mayan Mocha. It's a spicy chocolaty coffee beverage, enjoyed hot or cold. You can learn more about Opus Coffee on their website.

Karma Cream

Next on the list is Karma Cream, located in midtown, making it an extremely convenient choice for those living in Gainesville apartments near midtown. This coffee spot serves organic and vegan drinks, desserts, and food items. As a vegetarian who tries to eat vegan as much as possible, I appreciate their vegan-friendly options. Whether you're vegan or not, Karma Cream is a great spot to try. Anyone who visits will love it. I know I do.

Coffee Culture

Located in northwest Gainesville, Coffee Culture is a coffee shop with friendly staff and great drinks, no matter the weather. Get hot, cold, or even frozen beverages any time of the year at this spot. Their frozen drinks are especially nice for summer days by the pool at apartments in Gainesville. Staying cool is always a priority for me and Coffee Culture makes it enjoyable and easy.

Volta Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate 

Volta Coffee, Tea, & Chocolate is perhaps the best place in Gainesville for latte art. Order a hot latte and be amazed when it comes out looking like a masterpiece. It's almost too pretty to drink. Even if you don't want a coffee drink, you'll find something at Volta. Try their tea or chocolate, it's in their name after all! Bring it home to enjoy in your apartment in Gainesville.

Bay Island Coffee Company

With such a tiny shop, it's easy to miss Bay Island Coffee while driving by, but you most definitely won't miss the line. There's a reason so many people line up to grab their drinks and breakfast from the tiny drive-through store. It's good! My favorite thing to get at Bay Island Coffee is the frozen lemonade, perfect for non-coffee drinkers. If you are craving caffeine, though, try the Mocha Twist and thank me later.

These were just a few of the many amazing coffee shops in Gainesville. There are so many other amazing places to grab your morning cup of joe, but these are a few of my top picks! Remember to support small businesses and enjoy all the shops that can only be found here in Gainesville. Happy coffee drinking!

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