Has this semester worn you down and stressed you out? Check out these tips and tricks to de-stress in and around your Gainesville apartment!

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Hub University Apartments offers an awesome swimming pool. It's great for swimming laps or cooling off on a warm day!

College isn't all fun and games. Sometimes all those term papers and exams can really wear you down. Not to mention all the late nights spent studying and lack of sleep. With all that unhealthy stress it is important to find ways to destress throughout the semester. Here, we have some tips and tricks to make this semester stress free!

Clean Your Apartment

Studies have shown that cleaning can help to reduce stress. That's right, you can wipe the woes of the semester away! Let's face it. All the classes, studying and late nights make it hard to keep your Gainesville apartment tidy. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Clean up your apartment and destress at the same time. Focusing on the task of cleaning your home makes it easier to let everything else fade into the background. Time to load up the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen! Grab the pile of clothes that have been calling your floor home and toss them in the washer and dryer. This would be a good time to clean those spots that have been collecting dust since you moved in. It's also a good time to get rid of unwanted clothes or clothes you don't wear anymore and donate them. Nothing beats the feeling of having a clean apartment.

Get Outdoors and Explore

Sometimes a breath of fresh air is all you need to unwind. Luckily, Gainesville has plenty of green space to explore. It's always nice to escape the hustle and bustle of college life and take in all that mother nature has to offer. Located just off or Archer Road is Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. This 68-acre garden is home to the state's largest bamboo collection and the southeast region's largest herb garden. Kanapaha is also pet friendly and you can bring your four-legged pal with you when you visit. A great spot to experience true Florida wilderness is just outside downtown Gainesville: Paynes Prairie. Covering about 23,000 acres, you can find eight hiking trails located on the prairie. Many species of Florida's wildlife can be seen here, such as, alligators, bison, wild Spanish horses and about 300 types of birds. Not only can you explore 30 miles of hiking trails, but you can also camp, bike, fish and picnic here too.


Stress is inevitable, let's face it. Unfortunately, school only adds to it. It is good to have a way to let off some steam. A great way to do that is by getting some good old fashioned exercise. It's a well-known fact that exercise can relieve stress, but it can also help you sleep better at night. Many apartment communities in Gainesville offer fitness centers. Most communities offer top of the line equipment and classes at no extra charge. This is the perfect opportunity to try out that Zumba class. Gyms and exercise machines aren't for everyone, so check out the pool at your Gainesville apartment. Swimming keeps stress off of your joints and even helps to keep your muscles strong. Since time spent in the pool is low impact, it can also double as therapy. An added bonus is pools are a great way to cool down during the hot Florida summers.

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