What is the difference between a studio and a 1-bedroom apartment?

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Maximize your studio space at Hub University - which offers pull down "Murphy" beds that clear up your space when not using your bed.

When I first started my apartment search during my freshman year of college, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of floorplans offered in the Gainesville area. While trying to decide how many roommates I would be looking for, I found myself searching through options with less roommates simply because of the convenience and independence of living alone. Who hasn't honestly thought about the ease of solo living after managing roommate relations at the University of Florida? This search quickly led to confusion regarding the difference between a studio apartment in Gainesville and a one-bedroom apartment – two similar yet different options.

Separation of Living Spaces

The main difference between a studio and a one bedroom apartment in Gainesville lies in the setup of the floorplan. In a studio apartment, you'll find your entire apartment in one room – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and anything else you can imagine. This cozy floorplan typically offers you a 360 view of your apartment from any one spot you stand in. In a one bedroom, on the other hand, you'll find more square footage and separation of your spaces. This means that the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom are typically segmented by separate walls into a more traditional living space.

Studio or One Bedroom in Gainesville?

If you have pets or additional roommates, you might find a one-bedroom more beneficial as there tends to be more square footage for larger crowds. One bedroom apartments can also be beneficial for those who spend a lot of time in their apartment and might need a separate work and relaxation area. However, if you find yourself inspired by the quaintness of an entire apartment within view from your bed – a studio apartment might be perfect for you. Gators who spend a lot of time outside their apartment attending classes or hanging out with friends might also enjoy the charm of a smaller living space. Decorating a studio apartment is much simpler due to the smaller space, and you might be able to budget for more expensive décor and furniture due to the typical price decrease in a studio.

A good compromise for those interested in a studio apartment vibe with more space is the "Murphy" beds like the ones offered at Hub . These beds pull down from the wall to create more space during the day in studio apartments. No matter your preference, you can find your perfect Gainesville apartment floorplan easily with the wide variety of options available to UF students and Gainesville locals today. Happy apartment hunting!

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