I’d really like to get a dog, but are the apartments in Gainesville dog-friendly?

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Could Liv+ Gainesville be the perfect place for you and your pup?

Considering how much time we've spent at home recently, I've never been happier to be the "dog mom" to two rambunctious pups of my own. There are many joys that come with pet ownership - as well as a few annoyances. Historically, one of those annoyances has been finding an apartment that is suited to both you and your dog (trust me, I've done it several times), but there are plenty of dog-friendly apartments in Gainesville to choose from. While you search for the perfect fit both in your pup and your apartment, I recommend taking the following steps to ensure everyone's in "puppy love:"

  1. Read the terms and conditions. There are several options for pet-friendly Gainesville apartments, but there are likely more rules you'll need to rule into. Most apartments in Gainesville will have regulations around the size and breed of the dog you can have, as well as how many pets are allowed to live with you. Make sure you go through your lease closely so that you aren't caught off guard with restrictions on a dog you've already chosen. It's also important to double check with the leasing office to help clarify any of your questions and concerns; that way, you can be confident you're in the clear to bring home your new BFF.
  2. Save up some extra money. Getting a dog comes with plenty of obvious costs, like purchasing dog food and a leash, so you've probably already considered there. (If not, I think this is a great guide for new dog owners on what first purchases you need to make.) However, in addition to these fees, there are some extras you may not have considered that will allow your dog to move into your Gainesville apartment, like an updated shot record and, likely, a pet deposit. These expenses benefit your community, but if you haven't budgeted for them already, they can throw you for a loop.
  3. Find your perfect match. You've already confirmed which Gainesville apartments allow dogs, but what other amenities do they have to make it the best apartment for both you and your pup? Do they have a dog park or dog play area in the community? If not, are they easily accessible to some of Gaineville's dog parks so that your dog has space to run around and play with others? If your apartment is on the smaller side or you don't have easy access to one of these play areas, consider that when you choose your new best friend. Some dogs need to exert more energy than others, while I have a little pooch that is content to nap on the couch all day. It's important to find a living arrangement that works for all of you.
  4. Things may start out "ruff." It's important to remember that when you bring your dog home, you'll both be in a brand new situation, and there will likely be some bumps at the beginning. Your dog may be stressed or scared at first, which could cause them to act out against your apartment - our puppy ended up eating quite a bit of carpet at one of our places. This can seem like the worst thing ever, but cut both your dog and yourself a break. Your pup will soon learn to love its life in Gainesville apartments, and you'll both find that "puppy love" in your home together.

Sending best wishes to you and your future dog!

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