What are some family-friendly Spring Break activities near my Gainesville apartment?

Spring break - it means warmer weather, longer days, and one step closer to summer. Spring break is just a few weeks away for Alachua County, which means that parents are going to scramble to find activities for their kids. Spring break in a college town can be particularly challenging, especially when it comes to finding family-friendly activities among all the partygoers. Luckily, Gainesville offers the best of both worlds for its residents. Here are five things to check off the bucket list during this year's spring break to beat boredom.

Santa Fe Teaching Zoo

Despite belonging to Santa Fe Community College, the teaching zoo is the perfect place near Gainesville apartments to see exotic animals and learn about them. Gainesville has an abundance of flora and fauna, and you may even consider your backyard a zoo, but there is no comparison to the animals that live in the teaching zoo. Armadillos, Bald Eagles, and even monkeys are some of the 75 different species the zoo has to offer. For the kids, this zoo is particularly unique as hands-on experiences teach animal care. 


Cade Museum for creativity and innovation  

What better way to stimulate kid's brains than by going to a museum all about creativity and innovation? Named after the inventor of Gatorade and located adjacent to Depot Park, near the innovation district, the museum is full of Gatorade's history and exhibits of creative inventions. Its modern appearance is eye-catching and is sure to keep your kid's attention as well. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, from the hours of 12-5 pm. (On Sundays, operation hours begin at 1 pm). Ticket prices for adults (18+) are $12.50, and kids (5-17) are $7.50. The Cade Museum offers free parking, so you won't have to worry about rushing to get back to your Gainesville apartment.


Retirement home for Horses  

Although it may sound a little peculiar, the retirement home for horses is located on Mill's Creek Farm and has over 200 acres of land for the elderly horses to roam on. If you're not sold on the idea just yet, the admission price for the retirement home is two carrots. Kids are even able to "adopt a horse" and visit the horse regularly, making sure it's groomed and fed. It is a perfect opportunity to show the kids responsibilities while getting a unique experience. The farm has over 100 horses and is typically open to the public on Saturday mornings.  

If your kids can't get enough of the fun that those three places will provide, don't worry Visit Gainesville has compiled a list of the top ten family-friendly places to visit. Additionally, there is a Fun 4 Gator Kids, a page with a calendar full of kid events in the Gainesville area. Getting your kids out of your Gainesville apartment can be difficult, especially when all they want to do is lay on their beds. And if all else fails, there are always playgrounds.

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