What is Feng Shui and how can I do it in my Gainesville apartment?

Invented in the 9th century BC and still popular today, Feng Shui is a spiritual method of organizing your living space that can be used at apartments in Gainesville. Practitioners of Feng Shui believe it to bring good luck, good health, wealth, and positivity to your home by influencing the flow of Chi, or universal energy. Even if you don't believe in Chi, it can still be beneficial to study the practice; Feng Shui contains many fundamental rules that encourage a clean and efficient living space. If this sounds like the type of home you want to have in Gainesville apartments, read on to learn some easy steps you can take to improve your living space using Feng Shui methods.

Organizing your Gainesville apartment

One of the main tenets of Feng Shui is staying organized. Practitioners believe that when your home is cluttered, dirty, or disarranged, the mess blocks the flow of Chi. When Chi can't flow through your home, it becomes stagnant, which causes bad luck, bad health, and other negative consequences. Therefore, keeping your walking paths, doorways, and countertops clear is fundamental to fostering the flow of Chi in Gainesville apartments. This means you should be able to walk from your front door to your patio or balcony without tripping on loose items. If you're someone who constantly leaves things out, consider reorganizing your storage space so that every item you use has a dedicated home where you can put it away when it's not being used.

The Art of Arrangement

The arrangement of furniture is also very important. For example, practitioners believe that in your bedroom, your bed should always be diagonal from the door, and that different materials of furniture foster different energies. Visit this link from The Spruce for more information on the minutiae of these elements if you want to really customize your energy and learn how Feng Shui incorporates the commanding position, bagua areas, and the five elements.

In a general sense, the most important aspect of organizing furniture is to make sure that you're considering function above all. If there's something impeding the function of an object, it's blocking the Chi in your home. This includes hall closet doors, furniture, and appliances like washers and dryers. For example, Feng Shui places an emphasis on never hanging bags, clothes, or towels on door handles. If you find yourself doing this, consider getting wall hooks to hang these items instead.

Decorating apartments in Gainesville

While cleanliness and organization is crucial, decoration is the other half of the battle. Feng Shui champions the idea of filling your living space with positive energy. Your decorations should reflect this! If your apartment feels boring or impersonal, take some time to decorate your walls with posters, pictures, art, and anything that makes you feel good. Get rid of any decorations that make you feel negatively; that picture of your ex, for example. You can also hang lights and light scented candles to create your ideal mood. When your decorations make you feel good, you have succeeded in creating a positive energy.

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