Rather than purchasing a gym membership, what options do Gainesville apartments offer when it comes to staying in shape?

Whether you're a college student, a hard-working professional or a retiree, your health is one of the most important things that you need to take care of. It's great that you're looking for options to stay in shape while living in apartments in Gainesville. The great news is, many communities make it very simple for you to stay fit, within a short walking distance from your front doorstep. So grab your gym towel and water bottle and prepare to get your sweat on!

The majority of Gainesville apartments offer some sort of fitness center. Whether this fitness center is a state-of-the-art facility, featuring everything from a cardio center to a TRX suspension training; or a basic room with a treadmill and some free weights; you can stay healthy with either! The larger, luxury communities may offer more bells and whistles when it comes to their equipment. This may attract some residents to sign a lease, because they will not be forking over extra money each month at an off-site gym. Some communities even offer 24-hour fitness centers, which is very convenient for someone who may not be able to work out at a conventional hour.

Many apartments in Gainesville know the importance of staying healthy. That is why some of them offer fitness classes that are either included in the price of your rent or charge a very small fee. Some communities will offer such classes like weekend yoga or nightly Zumba. There have even been some to coordinate running or jogging clubs. If group classes are more your thing, be sure to ask your community if this is something that they offer if it is important to you.

Besides searching for Gainesville apartments with a fitness center, remember that every day community amenities can help you stay in shape too. Maybe you fall in love with a place that has an awesome swimming pool. Doing laps each day is a great form of cardio and the best part is, it's free! If you're into sports and like to show off your athletic side, be sure to utilize your community's sports courts should they own them. Many people choose to break a sweat playing basketball, tennis, beach volleyball or even racquetball. These activities can be fun if played with family and friends and still keeps your heart rate pumping.

Even if your apartments in Gainesville do not offer much in the form of fitness, you always have an alternative; run. There are so many great walking, running and biking trails around the Gainesville area and there is sure to be one within a close proximity of your community. Gainesville has great sidewalks, so even taking a short jog around your neighborhood can be beneficial for your health. Just make sure you are safe about running in the dark hours of the early morning and evening. It's always best to find a running buddy to go along with you, if you absolutely have no other choice but to run in the dark.

As a final tip, if you're going to be enrolled in the University of Florida and living in an apartment near UF, be sure to take advantage of the Florida Gym and Southwest Recreational Center on campus! These gorgeous facilities offer multiple levels with everything from top of the line cardio equipment, to group classes, to indoor basketball and racquetball, and even specialized classes like karate or swing dancing. 

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