What are the different floor plan sizes offered for apartments in Gainesville?

Gainesville is a great town especially for college students. If you're a football fan, then even better! The Florida Gators are one of the top football teams in in sports today. Offering top sports teams, movie theaters and the Hippodrome, bowling alleys, and a great nightlife of restaurants and bars you'll have plenty to do on your down-time. Moving to a new place can be a big adjustment. You'll need to learn the area, your school or workplace, and of course, your community. Since there are already a ton of things to worry about, there are a few things that would make your life a little easier, some of which can be addressed when choosing your new home. We're here to help! Here are some helpful tips on not only what we suggest you look for in your new home in Gainesville, but also on general information about floor plans.

Now, on to the different floor plan options in Gainesville. There are quite a few different communities that all offer a different selection of floor plans. The options that are offered to residents are: studios, one bedroom units, two bedroom units, three bedroom units, and four bedroom units. First you need to decide which of these you'd prefer. Studio apartments are basically a one bedroom unit with no dividing walls between the living room and bedroom. These are usually the choice for those who are on a budget and only need the necessities, basically, a living area where you can put your bed, kitchen, and bathroom. The other options are all generally the same in regards to layout, but obviously the size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms will differ. The more bedrooms you choose, the more bathrooms come with it, and the bigger it will end up being. Which do you think would best fit your lifestyle?

Once you've chosen which option best fits your needs, you can use our easy apartment search guide on SwampRentals.com to find your new apartment in Gainesville. This easy apartment search guide has over 300 different criteria that residents typically desire in their new home and by using it, it helps reduce the amount of communities you have to consider by selecting communities with units that fit what you'd want, which will be a great help considering there are over 50 communities in Gainesville! To begin your search head to the homepage and find where it says "Find Your Apartment". Go ahead and click on that box and then down on the left-hand side you'll see the different preferences for your new place. Go to the section that says "Number of Bedrooms". Now, slide the triangles under the range of bedrooms you'd like in your new apartment in Gainesville. Once you finish, SwampRentals.com will provide you with all of the options of apartments in Gainesville that have the desired amount of bedrooms. You can also use this easy apartment search guide to search for other criteria that you desire in your apartment in Gainesville like: rental rates, number of bedrooms, or other amenities that you'd like in your home. Some examples of great student amenities or apartment features would be: balcony or patio under "Apartment Features", 24-hour Fitness center and resort-style pool under "Sports and Fitness" and computer lab under "Community Features".

Now, that your options have been narrowed down, SwampRentals.com has provided you with the options for your apartment in Gainesville. At this time, take the opportunity to look through the options. Once you click on each option you'll have the ability to see the square-footage for each of their floor plans by clicking on "Floor Plans & Pricing" as well as the cost for each unit. Take some time and review them to see which floor plans offer the amount of space you desire as well as where they're located in the Gainesville area and what other amenities they offer to you. Then, go ahead and pick the apartment or apartments in Gainesville you think fits best for your life and contact them to find out more information or schedule a tour of the property and a unit. Finally, you can move in and begin the next step in your life!


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