Where are the best places to eat in Gainesville?

If you're a hungry resident living in Gainesville, you're in luck. Whether you are living in a dorm or in one of the Gainesville apartments, there are plenty of places to fill your stomach.

Starting close to campus we have Leonardo's Pizza on University Avenue. You are not a true resident of Gainesville until you have eaten there. The midtown area also has some quicker places to eat if you don't feel like sitting down, including Pita Pit, Relish, and Tijuana Flats. If you are in one of the Gainesville apartments closer to downtown, you should check out Reggae Shack Café or The Top. Reggae Shack has some great Jamaican food if that's what you are looking for, but it can also be quite pricy. The Top is another great burger joint, with a unique look. The restaurant also has some great drafts for all you legal drinkers out there. 

People who are fortunate enough to have a car will be happy to know that there are restaurants here that are worth driving too. If you feel the need to get away for a bit, you should check out the legendary pizza they have at Satchel's. Located on 23rd Avenue, Satchel's is a must for all Gainesville visitors and residents. The place has a great aesthetic, turning junk into art that is both fascinating and creative. They even converted an old van into an eating area, illuminated by colorful lights. Then there's the pizza, with slices so filling I can barely manage to even finish eating two. Good thing there are takeout boxes. All in all, you definitely won't be disappointed.

If you are not in the mood for pizza or happen to live in one of the Gainesville apartments by Archer Road, there are plenty of other places. Archer Road is home to many restaurants, although many of them are well known chains. Places such as Chili's, Outback are among some of the Archer favorites. However, if you really want the Gainesville experience I would suggest going to one of the other restaurants I mentioned.

Eating in Gainesville can be an adventure if you're willing to take the journey. There are some hole in the wall places all over the city with some of the greatest food you have ever tasted. Unless you are eating out every night, it might take a while to get through them all. Many of the apartments in Gainesville are near some source of great food, so whether you're using your feet or your tires I guarantee that your stomach will be satisfied. Happy eating everyone!


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