What do Gainesville apartments have to offer for parents who want to keep their kids entertained without having to go far?

Gainesville, Florida is often described as an endearing place due to its size and its medium-paced speed of living, so naturally, Gainesville apartments can offer that same feel. For a Gainesville parent who is looking to keep their kid(s) entertained, Gainesville apartments have quite a bit to offer.

Convenient Apartment Living

For starters, Gainesville has a variety of non-student apartments that offer great rates  for apartments with multiple rooms. This is great news for a parent who would like for their child or children to have the comfort of their own rooms in a long-term apartment rental. Many of these apartments offer services to give you peace of mind such as online automatic bill pay, 24-hour emergency maintenance, pest control, and valet trash service where trash is picked up nightly at your door – how convenient! Managing kids and a home can be hectic, but convenient apartment perks can make things a bit easier, leaving plenty of time for the care of your little ones.

Kid Friendly Amenities

Of course, all amenities offered at Gainesville apartments are kid friendly as long as a parent or guardian is present and able to keep an eye on everyone under the age of 18. Apartments in Gainesville do offer a few amenities that were created with kids in mind! The number one kid-friendly amenity to look for is a playground. This area can be a great space for your child to meet other children in the community and possibly make a new friend or two! Similarly, the apartment pool can be really fun amenity for some weekend afternoon fun. Try purchasing a few fun floaties to bring to the pool, we guarantee you will make some new friends as long as you're willing to share! Some apartments in Gainesville even offer kid's playrooms adjacent to the fitness center area – there is usually a window where you can easily see this room from the apartment gym so that you can fit a workout in while still supervising the little ones.

Participating in resident activities can also be beneficial and fun for families. Resident activities are periodically planned events that your Gainesville apartment leasing office may organize. This is a way for you and your family to socialize with other families in your community building friendships for both you and the kids. Having these relationships with people nearby can help your new place feel like home. Keep an eye on your community's resident calendar or join the email list to make sure you don't miss these fun events.

If you're looking for more fun around town, check out the fun, kid-centered, and often free activities around Gainesville. You and your family are sure to find something you enjoy! 

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