Are there any Fresh Markets in Gainesville?

Eating organic and shopping at fresh markets has become increasingly popular as the need to be and feel healthy arises. Gainesville, deemed a college town, is filled with convenient fast food chains, bars and restaurants. However, they town has established a few different market areas where you can feel encouraged to purchas fresh produce! On Northwest 16th Boulevard is the Fresh Market. This store is filled with organic eatery and often samples many of their products for you to try. If you enjoy eating and cooking, this is the place for you! This store is committed to variance and stores everything from produce to meats and gourmet recipes! Union Street Farmers market is in the Sun Center in Gainesville. This market, closer to your Gainesville apartment, is open year round from 4 to 7pm and may be a bit more flexible with your school schedule. The Gainesville farmers Market has become famously known to the University area and is one of the largest Farmers’ Market communities in the area! This market is conveniently located downtown, in the heart of the city. Unlike the enormous shopping malls you may be used to, this market provides a smaller, more intimate shopping environment where you can enjoy the natural climate and ask questions about different produce and products.

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