This is my first time renting an apartment. What are the pros/cons of renting furnished versus unfurnished apartments?

BedroomUniversity Club Apartments offers fully furnished apartments in Gainesville, FL.

When it comes to renting a furnished or unfurnished apartment in Gainesville, there is no shortage of options! Apartments can range from fully furnished (everything included) to unfurnished (you provide your own furniture). There are even some communities that offer apartments as "partially furnished" This typically includes furniture for the living room and maybe basic bedroom pieces like bedframes or desks.

Many college students opt for an apartment that is fully furnished because it is convenient. It cuts out the hassle of finding, buying and transporting furniture, making move-in day much more relaxed. Because communities frequently update their decor, there is also a chance that you could move into an apartment equipped with brand new furniture! Sometimes the prior renter wasn't careful with things, leaving you with a scratched table or wobbly chair. Luckily, many communities are quick to replace any broken or damaged furniture free of charge.

If you plan on renting your space for several years, then you may want to consider seeking an unfurnished apartment. Renters tend to feel more "at home" when they have their own personal furniture. Unfurnished apartments give renters the freedom to decorate and furnish their apartment to their liking. It may be a little pricey at first, but if you plan on keeping this furniture for years, it pays off in the long run.

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