What does college apartment living in Gainesville have to offer? What makes renting a Gainesville apartment better than renting a house or living in a dorm?

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Living in a Gainesville apartment gives a University of Florida or Santa Fe College student the best college rental living experience, the perfect middle ground between independence and convenience. Dorms are often found inconvenient by UF students because they offer a small living space amongst a large number of neighbors. An entire dorm wing often shares a large bathroom with many facilities. Even though all living costs are paid on a semester basis, and the dorms get cleaned and maintained on a day-to-day basis, many students desire more independence and privacy without having to deal with tons of other students and RAs. On the other end, renting a house is nice, offering both privacy and convenience, but also comes with additional, increased responsibilities. Security deposits and rent can both be very high, and landlord service and quality varies greatly. Unless you already know the landlord personally, you may not know what you’re in for. Leases may not cover maintenance and other important things. On the other hand, apartments offer a nice mix of the two, with more freedom than a dorm but also less work and responsibility than a house.

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