Can I bring my pets with me to my Gainesville Apartment?

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Honestly it depends on what kind of pets you have, how many, and which Gainesville apartment complexes you are considering. Visit the pet friendly apartments search page to see a filtered list of all communities in Gainesville that allow dogs and cats. Most will of course allow you to have small aquarium animals and fish. Most will allow indoor cats as well. However you will have to let your apartment's landlord or management company know about your pet situation as it factors into your lease. Dogs are permitted at many Gainesville apartments, however there are usually rules restricting certain dogs based on size, breed, and temperament. Many Gainesville apartments will allow dogs up to 20 lbs, and sometimes as large as 65 lbs. Some Gainesville apartments limit pets based on combined animal weight so be sure to consult your lease closely in this regard. Some Gainesville apartments may charge a fee on top of the lease for having pets, be sure to ask about pets when you tour the place or talk with your landlord.

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