Are Gainesville apartment leases done by the unit, or are they done by the bedroom?

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At Anthem House you can lease by the bedroom or by the entire unitl

Whether or not your Gainesville apartment arranges leases by the entire apartment or by each bedroom largely depends on which Gainesville apartments you are looking into. Many, especially those located close to the University of Florida or Santa Fe College, or Gainesville apartments that target college students and young people in general, do their leases by the unit. This is especially common in college towns like Gainesville. This is very convenient with the different schedules and semester plans of different roommates in different colleges, programs, internships, and study-abroad programs. This allows roommates flexibility with their lease and rental living, independent of the plans of other roommates in the unit, and can free renters from unsatisfactory rental situations requiring subleasing.  However, there are also Gainesville apartments that arrange apartment leases by the unit and charge rent and utilities to one bill instead of two or three or 4 bills.

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