What can I do to prepare for the weather when living in Gainesville apartments?

Most people are well aware of Florida's hot and humid climate, including some very high temperatures in the summer. Air conditioning, light clothing and sunscreen are just a few ways to be prepared for warm weather when living in Gainesville apartments. However, Florida is also known for its sudden changes in weather, which includes rain and cold fronts especially in northern Florida. You should also become familiar with the hurricane season and some basic prep tips typical for Florida residents.

What are some common weather forecasts near Gainesville apartments?

Warm weather and high temperatures is typical in Gainesville, especially in the summer months. Wearing lighter clothing and breathable shoes is a great way to stay cool, but it's also important to shield your skin and reduce prolonged exposure to the sun without any protection. Consider incorporating a daily sunscreen into your routine, and apply heavier sunscreen for extra time in the sun. Below are a few other forecasts to prepare for near Gainesville apartments.

  • Rain: Despite some droughts throughout the year, Gainesville definitely sees its share of rain. When driving, it is common to see sunshine ahead of you and dark skies in your rearview mirror! Prepare for Florida showers by always carrying a light umbrella with you, if possible, or keeping one in your car. Students attending the University of Florida or Santa Fe College should always have one on hand for walking between classes, and a waterproof backpack may be a wise choice.
  • Cold fronts: Believe it or not, it can get pretty chilly in northern Florida, especially in January and surrounding months. While "cold" weather is certainly subjective, having one or two thicker jackets in your closet will help you prepare for cool mornings and nights outside.
  • Hurricane season: The Atlantic hurricane season runs from June to November, with the month of September being most common for hurricanes. Most Florida residents are accustomed to the possibility of hurricanes and know how to prepare for possible landfall in the area. If you need more tips on hurricane preparedness, check out this State of Florida essential guide.

What activities can I plan near Gainesville apartments based on the weather forecast?

Some residents don't mind a little bit of rain, but heading out to Gainesville parks like Lake Wauburg and Payne's Prairie Preserve may be ideal during sunshine and outside of the hottest summer months. These parks offer fun recreational activities like canoeing, kayaking, volleyball and more. Enjoying a picnic under the shade can be the perfect way to spend a beautiful Florida day.

During storms and rain, there are many different covered and indoor spots around Gainesville. Residents who enjoy shopping can head to the Oaks Mall which offers plenty of retail shops, department stores, restaurants and other services. Other options include the Florida Museum of Natural History, several movie theaters including the famous Hippodrome Theatre, paint and pottery studies, and much more. Some Gainesville communities even offer clubhouses with indoor activities for residents to enjoy.

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