I’m new to Gainesville, and don’t know much about this town? What’s there to do? What do people do here for fun in the college scene?

There are actually a lot of different fun things you can do in and around Gainesville – you just have to know where to go! First off, in such a big college town, be sure to make friends with your roommates, classmates, and neighbors. Meeting so many young people from so many places can really open you up to a lot more of what the world has to offer, and encourage you to learn more and experience new things.  There is plenty of entertainment around Gainesville as well, especially during football season. Students and families alike can enjoy the game day tailgating experience around campus, with tons of barbecues, parties, and promotions, as well as the awesome atmosphere of the Swamp during a football game.  Gainesville also has a lively nightlife, with bars and clubs located at Midtown, on the north border of UF’s campus, as well as downtown, just a mile down the road.

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