How can I decorate my new Gainesville apartment to make it feel more like home?

Until you've added your own personal touches, it can be difficult to truly feel at home. While decorating an entire apartment is not always an easy task, it's something that will definitely make a difference in your new home. There are so many unique styles and ways to decorate, so be creative and have fun with it!

Pick a Color Scheme

The first step in decorating your Gainesville apartment is to choose a color scheme that'll tie the apartment together. With a theme you're not limited to just one color, and you can be more versatile with earthy or neutral tones, bright colors or even black and white with an accent color. By using different variations of the same color pattern, you can create a themed vision for your apartment while maintaining the individuality of each room.

Select a Theme

If you're unsure what color you may like, try selecting a theme for your decor first. Once you've determined what your Gainesville apartment theme will be, then you can move on to colors. There are limitless options to choose from, so base it off your own personal tastes. If you enjoy the forest and trees, consider decorating with greens, blues and pops of colors to represent plants or wildlife. If you prefer a city skyline, use shades of black and white in your decor with a touch of metal. Experiment with shelves and lighting to mimic the windows of city skyscrapers for added personality. Do you enjoy traveling? Use another country, culture or time period as your inspiration. If your apartment has a balcony or patio area, don't be afraid to let your theme spill over to your outdoor area. The possibilities are endless!

Room Purpose

When you begin laying out your decorating ideas, it's a great idea to begin with the room where you will spend the most time. If you're living in a single bedroom apartment, then you may want to begin with your room to create a relaxing and comfortable environment. Alternatively, if you love to cook and will be spending most of your time in the kitchen, then start there. Consider the layout of the room, how much cooking space you'll have and the style of your kitchen. For instance, in apartments with a built-in dishwasher you may not need drying racks or towels crowding up the area. Keep in mind the room's purpose, if you plan on hosting events or dinners frequently incorporate some decor/furniture geared toward group activities.

Give It All You Got

Now that you've picked out your paint and decor, it's time to slap some color on the walls and find the perfect place to hang your new art. Don't be intimidated by a blank canvas, focus on one project at a time and then move to the next one. Use your colors and themes to add small touches.

As you continue to decorate and plan out your vision for your Gainesville apartment, keep these 10 tips for decorating your apartment from HGTV in mind. Organize your ideas, make a plan and customize your living space. Remember, this is an adventure - make the space your own and enjoy the process.
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