I'm looking for an exciting Gainesville neighborhood with restaurants and a nightlife. What area is best for me?

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The Continuum
The Continuum offers graduate student living walking distance to popular Downtown restaurants.

If you're looking to live in an exciting and cultural part of Gainesville, you would be a perfect match for downtown. With all sorts of unique restaurants, scenery, parks, and nightlife, living in Downtown Gainesville is the best way to emerge yourself in Gainesville's culture.

A Foodie's Favorite Restaurants near Downtown Gainesville:

Civilization is definitely one of the more unique dining options in all of Gainesville, Civilization is located about six blocks north of Main Street and serves ethnic foods from all over the world. One of the more interesting and attractive aspects about Civilization is the fact that it is technically a "worker owned cooperative," meaning it is firmly and deliberately non-corporate. The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so stop by any time you feel like something different—both in food and in atmosphere!

Boca Fiesta is not only a delicious Mexican-style restaurant, but also a popular spot for Gainesville nightlife. With an entire restaurant, pool hall, and bar compound, it's easy to see why once you pay a visit! Unique decorations and a wonderful ambiance make Boca Fiesta perfect for a casual lunch, dinner with drinks, or just a fun night out! Additionally, Boca Fiesta hosts karaoke nights every Monday, trivia nights every Tuesday and Thursday, and holds many other events such as live bands and film festivals every single week! Stay up to date on upcoming events by checking out their schedule of events.

Leonardo's 706, for the special occasions in your life (or for when you're just feeling classy!), you should really take a trip to Leonardo's 706. With monthly special events like "A Taste of Rome Wine Pairing Dinner," as well as delicious dining every single day, everyone should try Leonardo's 706 at least once. It's not all fancy wine tastings, though; Leonardo's 706 also has a full bar with happy hours on weekdays! Additionally, if you're feeling like something more casual, check out their partner restaurant Leonardo's By The Slice for some of the best pizza in town!

Apartments walking distance to Downtown restaurants and bars:

If you'd prefer to have the luxury of spending a night out at Downtown restaurants and bars without worrying about having to call an Uber or a sober ride home, you'll definitely want to check out a few apartment options walking distance from Downtown.

2nd Avenue Centre Apartments

2nd Avenue's apartment community is the perfect location for anyone who enjoys the downtown Gainesville lifestyle. Located a half mile to UF campus and downtown restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, 2nd Avenue Centre is a prime student housing option if you're looking for a true downtown apartment. They do individual, by-the-bedroom leasing and are walking or biking distance from both the downtown center and UF.

Arlington Square Apartments

Less than a mile from UF campus, Arlington Square is another great downtown Gainesville living option. Arlington Square is also within walking distance of downtown Gainesville and all of its exciting features. This community is the closest to Downtown action, with their main office located adjacent to a gorgeous Gainesville landmark- The Hippodrome.

The Continuum
Nestled between the UF campus and the excitement of downtown Gainesville, this beautiful apartment community is exclusively for UF graduate students and professionals. As the official graduate and professional housing partner of UF, the Continuum is professional, upscale, and affordable.

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